BodyBoss Vs Bikini Body Workouts – Which One Is Worth Your Money?

Here, we take a look at two weight-loss programs that have attracted a lot of attention in recent times, the BodyBoss method and the Bikini Body Workouts program crafted by Jen Ferruggia. In their essence, both of these programs aim to help individuals struggling with excess weight to shed excess pounds and get into shape naturally without resorting to any weight loss pills. I have spent a lot of time researching a number of similar weight loss programs offered out there.

At the time, I was looking for a weight loss program that will require no or minimal exercise equipment, which will be cost-effective and will include workout sessions that everyone can perform even. I was also looking for a program that will include a detailed nutritional guide, and this is when I stumbled across the two programs we discuss here today. First of all, we take a look at the BodyBoss Method, what it includes, and what you can expect.

What is the BodyBoss Method Weight Loss Program?

I discovered the BodyBoss Method workout program through social media posts and advertisements which were circling around for quite some time, and this is when I decided to give it a shot.

In its essence, the BodyBoss Method program is a twelve-week weight loss program that comes packed with four bonus weeks that focus on pre-training exercise routines for those who prefer working up before moving into the main program.

As listed on the official website of the program, BodyBosss Method claims to help us get into the very best shape in no more than twenty-four minutes invested into working out several times per week.

The program is based on three high-intensity interval training or HIIT which focus on training your arms, abs, and legs while on Fridays, you focus on training your entire body. One day is a recovery day, while on Thursdays you focus on cardio exercises.

BodyBoss claims to help you burn body fat quickly without overly training your body and restricting your daily calorie intake. The program’s HIIT workout sessions completed with other exercise sessions enable the EPOC or excess post oxygen consumption effect which in the program is referred to as its main secret weapon to helping you get into the best shape.

Put differently, the BodyBoss Method weight loss program features a variety of high-intensity workout sessions which as claimed help you burn calories during exercise. As well as help you burn calories even for hours once you have completed your workout sessions for that day. The program costs 49.50 USD for its online version while the print version costs 65.90 USD. The bundle including print and online edition of BodyBoss are frequently on sale.

What Do You Get with the BodyBoss Program?

This leads us to the BodyBoss Method’s sections included in the program. As previously mentioned, this program is a complete body transformation weight-loss system which comes packed with a detailed collection of educational resources, videos, and other guides that help individuals get fit by shedding excess pounds.

As claimed by the program’s author, you can renew your body in only twelve weeks of following BodyBoss Method. The collection of exercises featured here include:

The BodyBoss Method weight loss program is also packed with several different sections or several different guides, and these include:

  • BodyBoss Method Main Fitness Guide which is a twelve-week exercise program packed with step by step guides, free workout videos as well as four-week pre-training exercise routines
  • BodyBoss Method Main Nutrition Guide which is a twelve-week meal plan with over one hundred and fifty recipes plus a detailed smoothie recipe book

While the program features a rather extensive amount of workout sessions alongside meal plans and other guides included, it is pretty expensive when compared to other similar programs of this kind.

After three weeks of following the program, I have come down to one conclusion and that is that BodyBoss does not work for me mainly because it has failed to keep me motivated enough to see any anticipated results.

This was when I decided to try the Bikini Body Workouts weight loss program crafted by Jen Ferruggia and let me say I was quite impressed.

What is the Bikini Body Workouts Program?

For anyone who has never heard of the Bikini Body Workouts weight loss program, this is a great fitness program carefully crafted by Jen Ferruggia. The program is crafted to help females struggling with excess weight and it lasts for twelve weeks just like the previously mentioned BodyBoss Method program. However, unlike BodyBoss, Bikini Body Workouts doubtlessly gives a more realistic approach to losing weight and getting into shape.

With this in mind, Bikini Body Workouts also allows you to benefit from it any time depending on your schedule as it is crafted for everyone, even individuals with the busiest schedule. Moreover, Bikini Boddy Workouts is more of a healthy lifestyle coach or guide, rather than a restrictive workout program which many of us cannot follow even if we give our best due to other obligations. What you need to follow on this program – and eventually benefit from it is to invest around thirty minutes of your day several days per week, and this is it.

The Bikini Body Workouts program features the main exercise guide or manual that features a step by step approach to losing weight that you follow. If you fully commit, you can surely reach your anticipated weight loss goals and get into shape. The program is also packed with a great collection of instructional videos that show you how to perform every single exercise.

Furthermore, you also get the excellent Twenty-One Day Booty Blast that as expected is a great booty shaping and sculpting guide. Lastly, the Bikini Body Workouts program is also packed with a comprehensive shopping list and nutrition guide to help you stay on the right track. Once you purchase the program, you get access to:

  • Excellent Workout Videos, which are actually video instructions that you follow to execute every single workout session the right way
  • The Bikini Body Workouts Main Guide, which is a detailed guide that explains what every exercise does and how you perform them with the common exercise equipment. This section is also packed with rather detailed videos that once again guides you on how to perform every exercise with or without the use of the equipment to also prevent injuries.
  • The Bikini Body Workouts At Home Guide is another excellent step by step workout guide that comes packed with detailed explanations on how to exercise from the coziness of your home the right way. Here, you also get detailed information on how many sets, reps, and rest in between you need to get that stunning bikini body you have always wanted.
  • The Twenty-One Day Booty Blast brings loads of powerful booty shaping and sculpting exercises that perfectly compliment the program’s Main Guide.
  • The Bikini Body Workouts Supplement List comes packed with an amazing collection of supplements that you can try to boost your weight loss efforts. This guide also explains what these do and how they can help you look and feel great.
  • The Bikini Body Workouts Nutrition Guide is not a blend, boring dieting plan, but it is a great guide packed with loads of healthy, nutritious, and rather delicious meals that you can prepare daily. According to Jen Ferruggia, you can forget everything about counting calories and focus on preparing wholesome, nutritious meals that are not only healthy but super delicious.
  • Comprehensive Shopping List is another excellent section included in the Bikini Body Workouts weight loss program, which comes packed with a list of wholesome and nutritious foods you should definitely buy the following time you are shopping at your local market.

Benefits of the Bikini Body Workouts Program

After several weeks of being committed to the Bikini Body Workouts program, I am aware of the many benefits of Jen’s weight loss guide. First of all, all of the workout videos and instructions are super easy to follow while exercises are easy to execute. Every exercise is performed by Jen in instructional videos, so you will have no issues with executing them no matter your current fitness level.

What is even more, the program is packed with over fifty videos including cardio exercises, full-body workout sessions, and much more. The section packed with home workouts is another great benefit of the program which truly makes a difference to those who are too busy to spend hours at their local gym.

Other than these, the program is also extremely affordably priced at only $29.99. Furthermore, the program’s detailed nutritional guide is definitely worth checking out especially as there are over one hundred excellent recipes, so everyone will find something. This leads us to the BodyBoss Method program and why I cannot recommend it when there is Bikini Body Workouts that is not only affordable but also more beneficial.

Why I Do Not Recommend BodyBoss Method

On the surface, the BodyBoss Method weight loss program with its great workout sessions and high-intensity interval training sessions appears to be good. However, the first shock came after seeing its price which is rather significant when compared to Bikini Body Workouts and other weight loss programs of this kind. For the price that I have paid, I have definitely expected to receive its full nutritional guide, but you do not get it with the main program unless you pay extra which is another huge downside.

This was a second red flag. After moving forward and exploring BodyBoss Method further, I have noticed that the main training guide lacks instructional videos and this is definitely something I have not expected to come across especially considering how much I have invested in this program. Nonetheless, the training guide is packed with pictures instead of high-quality, professional videos. Needless to say, this was another huge disappointment.

This is not everything, as several red flags emerged later on, I have discovered that there isn’t any supplement guide included, and for the price of the program, this is something you expect to come across. Considering the fact that dieting supplements are among key parts of every good weight loss and fitness program out there, lacking this vital guide makes BodyBoss Method majorly disappointing once again.

Moreover, BodyBoss also lacks a shopping list which will help us with planning our meals. Alongside these major faults, the program’s workouts are far from impressive. After following workouts for a couple of days, I have come down to the conclusion that they are not motivational nor challenging enough to provide anticipated results, so this was the last straw for me after which I have decided to dismiss the program altogether. Where BodyBoss failed to impress, Bikini Body Workouts truly excelled and I can only recommend you try it for yourself.

Bikini Body Workouts Excelling in Every Way

After the major initial disappointment with BodyBoss Method, I have decided to try out the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia and let me say, I was impressed almost immediately.

First of all, the price is rather affordable. After looking into the main guide and associated guides that come with the program, I was impressed even more. In addition to over one hundred instructional videos, not pictures, with Bikini Body Workouts you also get an excellent collection of challenging yet enjoyable exercises that you can do at home or at your local gym.

The program perfectly balances cardio and resistance exercises that can genuinely help your body as well as lose excess fat and make some real progress. That’s not all, Bikini Body Workouts is also packed with a great nutritional guide, detailed shopping list, and over one hundred recipes you can try any time.

With this being said, it becomes obvious why Bikini Body Workouts wins over BodyBoss. It is not only more cost-effective but also structured better, packed with way more interesting workouts, and several bonuses that you get without any extra cost. Needless to say, Bikini Body Workouts wins this race and you will not be disappointed if you get the program for yourself.

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