How to Get a Flat Stomach without Losing Weight? – The Best Flat Stomach Exercises to Try Today

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As many of you are aware, a fat stomach is associated with various serious medical conditions and diseases. In fact, a fat stomach is doubtlessly the most harmful fat, hence many of us wonder how to get a flat stomach. Here, we explore some of the best flat stomach workout plans and exercises which will not only help you feel great but also look amazing.

If your goal is to have a flat stomach without losing weight in other places, you are in the right place. Either way, losing that extremely stubborn fat around your abdomen can be a true battle. On the other hand, getting a flat stomach pays off always as you lower your risk of developing serious medical conditions, as you improve your energy levels and as you start feeling great about yourself.

When discussing how to get a flat stomach, we have to mention a number of effective strategies that work like magic when trying to reduce your waist size without losing weight elsewhere. In other words, you can stop dreaming of having a flat stomach, and work your way towards having one. So, let’s begin.

  • Embrace the power of strength training
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When looking into how to get a flat stomach without losing weight anywhere else, you probably come across many different flat stomach exercises that focus on strengthening and toning your muscles.

The truth is that regular flat stomach workout plans revolve around strength training. If you have pushed and sweated through exercise sessions after exercise sessions to reduce your body fat percentage, yet your stomach still sticks out, the main issue here is probably having weak stomach muscles.

Many individuals, including both females and males who regularly exercise, still struggle with stomach fat due to having weak transversus abdominis muscles which are deep abdominal muscles. In other words, you may struggle with stubborn belly fat when you have weak stomach muscles no matter how hard your exercise and no matter how lean your body is as having a weak transversus abdominis causes your lower back area to curve which results in having a slouchy belly.

This is where we discuss the most powerful flat stomach exercises or the most powerful flat stomach workout plans which naturally revolved around strengthening your stomach muscles. Another excellent flat belly exercise is any abdominal exercise that you incorporate into your regular workout sessions on a regular basis. The best idea is to train your weak stomach muscles three days per week. Make sure that you have a day of rest between your flat stomach workout sessions so that your stomach muscles can recover.

  • Maximize your stomach muscle development
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Once you have your flat stomach workout plan, which includes strength training all set, make sure that you further refine your exercise technique so that it maximizes your stomach muscle development.

In other words, your flat stomach exercises should always keep your stomach muscle engaged.

It is also extremely important that you perform a five to ten-minute warm-up before you start exercising your stomach muscles. When looking into how to get a flat stomach without losing weight, we also have to mention cardio exercises which can do some magic when combined with strength training. To get a flat stomach without losing weight elsewhere, you want to engage in a moderate cardio exercise activity such as brisk walking, climbing stairs, jumping rope, or jogging.

  • Focus on strengthening and toning your stomach muscles
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In order to get a flat stomach you have always wanted without losing weight elsewhere, you want to focus on toning and strengthening your midsection area, and one of the best flat stomach exercises is the popular plank.

The exercise is super easy, yet extremely effective when it comes to toning and strengthening your midsection area.

You come to all fours on a floor or an exercise mat. Make sure you place your forearms on the floor with your palms facing down and with your elbows placed directly below your shoulder area. Then, you tuck your toes slightly under and gradually lift your knees. At the same time, you also extend your legs. Keep in mind that your body should form a straight line starting from your shoulders down to your heels.

As you perform this powerful flat stomach exercise, you also pull your stomach in and you slide your shoulder blades towards your back. You also want to maintain a neutral position in your neck. You want to hold this plank position for around thirty seconds in three or more repetitions depending on what you find comfortable.

Another excellent flat belly workout routine named Warrior III pose will also help you strengthen and tone your stomach muscles. This flat stomach exercise is particularly effective as it requires that you use your abs in order to balance and stabilize on one leg. To perform this flat stomach exercise, you stand tall on the floor with your feet slightly apart and with your shoulders straight over your hips.

Make sure that you engage your glutes and abs as you lift your chest and gradually push your shoulders down. As you do so, you balance and stabilize your body on your right leg while at the same time you lift your left leg and slowly extend it behind you at your hip height. At the same time, you also bend at the hip area and slowly lean your torso until it is parallel to the ground. Here, your arms should stay alongside your torso.

Then, you press into the ground with your right foot as you continue to stabilize by pulling your abs towards your spine. You want to hold this position for around thirty seconds. Once done, you repeat the same steps as you balance and stabilize your body with your left leg.

  • Try different flat stomach exercises
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To get a flat stomach you have always wanted, you definitely want to engage in different flat stomach exercises in addition to those previously mentioned.

Another great flat stomach workout routine includes Cobra pose which always helps you strengthen your stomach muscles. This exercise starts with you lying prone with your feet tops on the floor and with your toes pointed.

Then, you place your hands slowly under your shoulders. Once done, you straighten your arms so that you can lift your body. As you lift your body, you want to feel a stretch especially alongside the whole front of your midsection and torso. You want to hold this position for fifteen to thirty minutes. The main tip here regarding flat stomach exercises is to mix up your workout routines so that they include a number of different flat stomach exercises which will focus on the transversus abdominis muscle differently.

You also want to regularly challenge your stomach muscles with flat stomach workout plans and sessions which promote muscle development and muscle growth. In addition to those previously mentioned flat stomach workout routines, you can engage in a variety of other effective exercises such as the bird dog, plank with hip rotations, inchworm, stability ball pike, and stability ball knee tuck among many others.

  • Watch your diet
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When looking into how to get a flat stomach without losing weight, we have to mention the importance of consuming the right foods.

In other words, flat stomach exercises can help you massively when you, at the same time, pay attention to what you consume daily. It also should be noted that you need to consume more healthy foods in order to tone and strengthen your abs.

For instance, consuming legumes and beans is one way to strengthen your stomach muscles as these foods promote better digestion while at the same time, they also help build muscle. Your dieting plan should include all important nutrients in moderate amounts including fiber, protein, carbs, healthy fats, and of course, vitamins and minerals which promote an optimal health state.

When speaking of getting a flat stomach, you want your dieting plan to include more fiber which makes you fuller for longer. Moreover, consuming enough fiber can also reduce bloating which will keep your stomach slimmer. At the same time, you also want to increase your daily intake of protein which provides body building blocks that aid in the growth and repair of muscles.

As you increase your daily intake of protein and fiber, you also want to consume more monounsaturated fatty acids which we commonly refer to as good fats. Foods that are packed with good fats are sesame oil, avocado, nuts, olive oil, and peanut butter without added sugar. When speaking of dieting choices, to get a flat stomach you also want to avoid high-calorie sugary drinks including energy and soft drinks which provide few or no nutrients at all. Lastly, make sure you consume enough water to minimize bloating, and retention as both can make your stomach appear larger.

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