How to Prevent Cellulite in Legs? – Natural Cellulite Removal Strategies

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Before we say anything else, it should be noted that cellulite is completely normal and natural. Cellulite appears as the direct result of subcutaneous fat, which is located beneath the skin or, more specifically, within the dermis, also known as the skin’s outermost layer. Within the skin’s dermis, there is a massive network of tissue that appears as a honeycomb.

Cellulite is the absolutely normal and natural herniation of fat within connective tissues within the skin, usually manifests as skin nodularity and dimpling. It occurs in the pelvic area, such as the buttocks, abdominal area, and lower limbs. One of the most recent reviews done on cellulite indicates that around 85% of women struggle with cellulite, so the next question is what exactly causes cellulite and is there are ways to prevent cellulite from forming.

What Causes Cellulite?

When it comes to the leading causes of cellulite, there are several different major factors, which include changes in exercise habits, physiology, metabolism, obesity, alteration of skin’s connective tissue, some hormonal changes, and even more. These factors, in general, can be divided into four different groups:

  • Hormonal factors: Hormones play one of the most important roles in the development of cellulite, especially among females. In this sense, estrogen is probably the main hormone that contributes to the development of cellulite, even though there has been no scientific evidence to support this claim. Nonetheless, there is a variety of other hormones that are also believed to contribute to the development of cellulite, including noradrenaline, insulin, thyroid hormones as well as prolactin.
  • Genetic factors: Then, there is also a major genetic element in our susceptibility to the development of cellulite, which comes as no surprise considering that genetic factors play essential roles in every aspect of our well-being.
  • Predisposing factors: There are also several so-called predisposing factors that have been shown to contribute to the development of cellulite, including distribution of fat, more specifically subcutaneous fat that causes cellulite, predisposition to circulatory and lymphatic insufficiency, ethnicity, biotype, and gender, as females are generally more likely to struggle with cellulite than males.
  • Lifestyle factors: Lastly, there is a variety of lifestyle factors or lifestyle habits that doubtlessly contribute to the development of cellulite. For instance, it is scientifically proven that higher stress levels cause increases in the catecholamines levels that have been associated with higher risks of developing cellulite. Other lifestyle habits also contribute, such as poor nutrition and dieting choices, fad dieting, lack of exercise and physical activity, and others.

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Are There Treatments for Getting Rid of Cellulite?

As previously mentioned, cellulite is always a multifactorial condition, which means that there is a variety of factors that significantly contribute to the formation of cellulite. For this reason, treatments that individuals undergo in order to get rid of cellulite include a variety of therapies that doesn’t necessarily work, as cellulite may be resistant to many of them. Aside from popular topical products for getting rid of cellulite such as ointments and creams and aside from injectables including collagenase, other treatments for getting rid of cellulite include:

  • Non-invasive therapies such as mechanical massages
  • Energy-based devices that use radio frequency
  • Subcision treatments that use micro-sized scalpels to get rid of cellulite

The most popular treatments for getting rid of cellulite performed by a dermatologist or doctor include CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis, which remove cellulite by freezing those cellulite fat cells located under the skin. In this case, individuals need to undergo several treatments to see noticeable results. Another popular cellulite removal treatment is an ultrasound, which is a completely noninvasive procedure that eliminates fat in thigs and abdomen using sound waves.

Many individuals who struggle with stubborn cellulite also undergo Cellfina treatment, which is a nonsurgical treatment that uses a micro-sized needle to rupture the tough bands located under the skin and consequently get rid of cellulite located on the buttocks and thigs.

There is also a variety of radiofrequency and laser treatments which are simple medical therapies relying on tissue massages alongside radiofrequency technology to treat cellulite. Cellulaze is among the most popular cellulite removal laser therapies of this kind.

Some individuals struggling with cellulite choose vacuum-assisted precise techniques which also break up those though bands located under the skin. Carboxytherapy is another extremely popular cellulite removal treatment which uses carbon dioxide to increase blood flow in the body areas with cellulite. Needless to say, all of these cellulite removal treatments and therapies are performed by experienced dermatologists and doctors. Before you even think about these, there are many things you can do on your own to prevent cellulite from forming in the first place.

How to Prevent Cellulite from Forming?

So, the main question here is how to prevent cellulite from forming, and fortunately, there is a number of things you can do on your own to make it happen. The major task here is to take care of your body and your well-being, and by doing so, you at the same time take the best way to get rid of cellulite and the best way to prevent it from forming as well. To fight cellulite on your legs, your abdominal area, and other areas, you start with a good old body brush.

  • Make Body Brush Your Daily Routine

Even though making daily body brush your routine may seem like a lot of effort, it is extremely important that you do so in order to prevent cellulite on thighs as well as for getting rid of cellulite on legs and other areas. As soon as you get used to spending an extra five minutes on brushing your body thoroughly every day, you will start noticing the first results. In addition to preventing cellulite from forming, you will also improve your blood circulation, as well as make your skin look and feel good.

  • Focus on Cardio Exercises

When it comes to preventing cellulite, cellulite removal, and getting rid of cellulite on your legs and abdomen, there is no better route to take than fully boosting your cardio exercise routine. Cellulite removal and cellulite prevention come down to focusing on cardio exercises simply because the harder you exercise, the higher your heart rate goes, and consequently, the more fat gets burned. The best way to get rid of cellulite is by doing interval training which incorporates high intensity and low-intensity workout sessions.

  • Drink Enough Water

Getting rid of cellulite on thighs and getting rid of cellulite on legs is easier when you drink enough water. As you know, stubborn cellulite located under the skin stores many toxins that easily accumulate if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle regardless of your size and shape. What water does is that it keeps your skin hydrated as well as flushed out those damaging toxins. In addition to helping you get rid of cellulite, drinking enough water will also make your skin look youthful and fresh.

  • Consume Healthy Foods

If you consume a lot of processed, refined, or fatty foods, you are definitely more likely to struggle with cellulite as these foods significantly contribute to poor circulation. What is even more, these foods cannot encourage your body’s natural digestive processes, which flush out damaging toxins.

On the other hand, if you consume a lot of foods packed with vitamins E, C and A plus copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium, you are more likely to prevent cellulite from forming on your legs and thighs. Lastly, make sure that your diet includes foods rich in lecithins such as lettuce, spinach, soy, apples, eggs, cauliflower, iceberg lettuce, and peanuts.

  • Consume Enough Protein

This one does not come as a surprise as consuming enough protein stimulates as well as strengthens the collagen and elastin production that most certainly keep stubborn cellulite far away. Moreover, consuming enough protein-rich foods will also help you firm your muscles, which once again prevent cellulite from forming as well as reduced that dimple cellulite effect on your skin. To add more protein into your life, consume nuts, skimmed milk, turkey, and lean meats.

  • Purchase Cellulite Creams

If you want to get rid of cellulite or prevent cellulite from forming, another way to do so without undergoing an expensive cellulite treatment or cellulite removal therapy is to purchase some cellulite creams which when used properly can deliver awesome results. There are many different cellulite creams on the market today, so before you purchase any, make sure you do your research, and check online reviews. On the other hand, keep in mind that cellulite creams are not some kind of miracle worker, but they can help your skin’s appearance.

  • Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Once again, we talk about your dieting habits which obviously play one of the most important roles in preventing and getting rid of cellulite on your legs, things and other areas. To get rid of cellulite fast without undergoing expensive cellulite removal treatments, the best way is to include lots of omega-3 fatty acids into your diet which you can find in sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon and other oily fish. These will not only help you fight off cellulite, but also lower your cholesterol, and boost your circulation which has a great anti-inflammatory effect on your overall body.

  • Avoid Fast Foods and Full-Fat Dairy Products

Another advice on getting rid of cellulite and preventing it is to avoid consuming full-fat dairy products and of course, fast foods. In other words, make sure that your diet is not overpacked with cheese, butter, and cream which are high in saturated fats as these are generally extremely hard to be broken down.

We do not say never consume these, but consuming them on a regular basis does more damage than good. Consuming fast foods which are always highly processed can also contribute to the development of cellulite simply because they add more fat deposits to your body. Hence, replace these with lower-fat treats so that you reduce your intake of saturated fat.

  • Enjoy Fruits and Veggies

This one does not come as a surprise. Since cellulite is caused by toxins that build up in the skin, consuming plenty of fruits and veggies which are super high in antioxidants is the best way to get rid of cellulite and keep it off.

Some fruits and veggies are more efficient when fighting with cellulite so choose those which are brightly colored such as oranges, celery, plums, peaches and grapefruit that are high in fibers and low in sugar. Also, choose foods rich in vitamin C as these are generally known as cellulite-boosters that will not only help you get rid of cellulite but also promote your skin’s elasticity.

Get Healthy, Get Fit and Get Rid of Cellulite

The bottom line is that people of all sizes, females, and males can struggle with cellulite and it is completely normal, natural. While cellulite appears to be extremely stubborn, there is a variety of natural ways to get rid of it and everything starts with changing your lifestyle, dieting and exercise habits.

To get rid of cellulite fast or to prevent cellulite from forming, start with making smaller changes, start eating healthier, focus on boosting your cardio exercise routine and slowly, but steadily get rid of that stubborn cellulite which has no other purpose, but to bother you.

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