Old School New Body Review – Can This Weight Loss Program Help You?

Are you struggling to shed excess pounds and achieve your desired weight? Are you struggling to remain fit? If so, the Old School New Body weight loss program may be the right option for you. If you find it hard to fully commit to such weight loss programs if you believe that a lack of time prevents you from getting into shape, keep in mind that you are not the only one. The truth is that almost everyone above the age of forty comes across these issues which commonly prevent them from unlocking their fullest potential.

The Old School New Body weight loss program promises to help you with taking care of your body, keeping yourself fit, and enjoying your golden years healthy and happy. While many people give up on being physically active as they get old, making changes to your dieting and exercising habits can most certainly help you combat the aging signs. Remain in good shape and unlock the fullest potential of your body, which is exactly what you will learn as you go through the Old School New Body weight loss program.

What is Old School New Body?

In this unbiased, comprehensive F4X review or Old School New Body review, we take a detailed look into the program which was carefully crafted to help individuals in their golden age or above the age of forty. As you know, the body undergoes many changes when you reach a certain age and becoming leaner becomes a bigger challenge.

The authors of the Old School New Body weight loss program have recognized these obstacles and challenges that people above the age of forty come across when trying to lose weight. Some of these challenges relate to a shortage of time to maintain a healthy, nutritional diet and exercise. Others relate to lack of commitment which prevents individuals from enjoying tangible weight loss results.

This is where this F4X review can help you. Further, you will learn everything you need to know about Old School New Body, so you can decide whether this program is suitable for you.

As mentioned on the Old School New Body program’s official website, it promises to deliver desired, tangible weight loss results without you making any drastic changes to your dieting and exercise habits.

By following the program’s recommendations, suggestions, and methods, you actually make small lifestyle changes, and you get to enjoy maximum weight loss results. In its essence, Old School New Body is a resistance workout program with a moderate weight usage.

In addition to a moderate weight usage, Old School New Body also combines a high fatigue exercise setting which can help you shed excess pounds when combined with very basic, simple, yet extremely effective dieting tips.

The resistance exercises included in the program are very useful for burning fat, building lean muscle as well as strengthening your core muscles. Moreover, these exercises can also help you boost the human growth hormone production and combat the aging process which naturally helps you get a lean, fit body.

If you regularly perform these exercises, as mentioned in the Old School New Body program, you will also enjoy healthier muscles and joints. As previously mentioned, the workout sessions use moderate weights while they are based on the exercise principles by Vince Gironda. Vince Gironda was a star fitness trainer who has used these methods alongside basic fitness principles of the F4X Protocol that forms the centerpiece of Old School New Body.

What is the F4X Protocol?

The Old School New Body weight loss program is based on the popular F4X Protocol, which also uses moderate weights to significantly reduce stress to the muscles and joints while at the same time its high-intensity workout sessions promise desired results. As previously mentioned in this F4X review, this exercise protocol packed with a unique collection of workout sessions is a rather effective weight loss system for individuals over the age of forty who are looking forward to maintaining stronger muscles and healthier joints.

With Old School New Body and its F4X Protocol included, you get an excellent collection of powerful, high-intensity resistance training which requires that you work with your bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, and weights. Before you get there, Old School New Body introduces basic resistance training workout sessions perfect for beginners as they do not require using any weights, but only your body weight. In later stages, as you go through the program, you engage in more intense resistance training sessions.

The F4X protocol which is the main highlight of the Old School New Body program stands for four core exercises that have been scientifically-proven to being the most effective when it comes to shedding excess pounds and losing weight. These four core exercises are:

The F4X protocol or method which is depicted in Old Scholl New Body, lays out three different workout plans, including F4X Lean Plan, F4X Shape Plan, and F4X Build Plan. As suggested, each of these workout plans you get with the program focuses on different fitness goals, and each of them is packed with powerful, effective F4X workout sessions.

Moreover, each plan does not require more than sixty minutes of your time to be completed. It also should be noted that the first F4X Lean Plan is performed three days per week and it lasts for about thirty minutes which makes a total of ninety minutes per week you invest in this workout plan.

The Old School New Body Workout Plans

As already mentioned in the previous sections, the Old School New Body program is a primary weight loss program, where you will also get some valuable, healthy dieting and nutrition-related tips and tricks to staying healthy and getting into shape. Nonetheless, the program primarily focuses on the powerful weight loss workouts which are perfect for individuals over the age of forty who do not have much time to invest in exercising but still want to work out several days per week.

The resistance training workout sessions that are included in Old School New Body are perfect for newbies as they come with relatively short reps, so you slowly strengthen your muscles without overly exercising your joints and your body in general. With the program, you also use compound movements such as the upright rows, bent over rows, incline presses, and highly effective squats. These, when combined, make a huge difference as you train multiple muscle groups and finally burn more calories.

F4X Lean Plan is the very first workout plan that you start with Old School New Body. This workout is carefully crafted to suit newbies or individuals who have not been exercising a lot. This program features the most effective weight loss exercises that deliver exceptional results. More specifically, it comes packed with only four exercises that you can complete in around thirty minutes.

FX4 Shape Plan is the following Old School New Body workout session plan which is aimed at individuals who are looking forward to increasing the intensity of their workout sessions. This section is also packed with those four core exercises which are done three times per week and they usually take around forty-five minutes to complete.

F4X Build Plan is the most intense of the three workout sessions included in the program. Hence, this section of Old School New Body is geared towards individuals who are looking forwards to maximizing their weight loss results and towards those who have been working out in the past. Workouts included in this section of the program are rather intense, but still can be completed in less than an hour.

Who Crafted the Old School New Body Program?

The Old School New Body weight loss program has been carefully crafted by Steve and Becky Holman. The two crafted the program to help struggling individuals, especially those who are above the age of forty that are looking forward to a healthy, steady weight loss and getting into shape.

As previously mentioned, the core of the Old School New Body program is the F4X workout system which can help with shedding excess pounds, especially to more seasoned individuals.

Steve Holman who co-authored the program has been the editor of Iron Man magazine for twenty-five years now. Moreover, he has authored many books related to healthy dieting, nutrition and weight training alongside releasing a number of articles concerning weight loss struggles and fitness in general. Becky Holman is Steve’s wife of over twenty-eight years. She is also one of the prime examples and success stories of the Old School New Body methods used including the F4X method.

What Do You Get with the Old School New Body Program?

As expected, the Old School New Body weight loss program is divided into several different sections as well as several different guides and a couple of bonuses that you get as soon as you purchase the program. The main guide included in the Old School New Body downloadable PDF. This is the core of the entire program packed with well laid out workout sessions and loads of other valuable information such as details on the F4X protocol, benefits of exercising, and more. In this section, you also receive loads of motivational, rather informative information on the importance of staying healthy.

Then, there is the program’s Quick Start Guide that is packed with fifteen pages which list all of the core exercises used in the program including lean, shape, and build exercises.

The program’s Quick Start Guide that you get also includes several other important sections, such as the Old School New Body Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets, Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets, Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets, and Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets.

These reports mainly revolve around recommendations and tips about what food supplements and foods you can consume to enjoy anti-aging effects and to burn fat.

The Old School New Body program also features many interviews with fitness experts and professionals including Jennifer Nicole Lee, Shawn Phillips, Bill Philipps, Kristi Frank, Tom Venuto, and Tom Platz.

All in all, Old School New Body promises to boost your anti-aging efforts or slow down aging processes as well as give you a more fresh, youthful appearance in three months. It also promises to help you get that dream body you have always wanted in only ninety minutes invested per week. What you need to do is fully commit to following the program which is suitable for beginners or all ages and fitness levels.

Pros and Cons of the Old School New Body Program


  • The program is very affordable and there is also great money-back guarantee offered even though we doubt you will use it.
  • The workout plans that you get with Old School New Body are very effective, yet very simple to execute, perfect for everyone of all fitness levels.
  • If you fully commit to following the program, you can enjoy some great results in just several weeks.
  • In addition to helping you get into shape, the Old School New Body program also brings loads of healthy dieting and nutrition tips.
  • Interviews with highly professional fitness experts are included in the program for free and they provide a great value.
  • The exercises included in the program will take only ninety minutes of your time per week. You get to enjoy a healthy, steady weight loss without much effort.
  • Exercise and nutrition guidelines that you get are super easy to follow as well as rather simple to execute while you get instant results.
  • The F4X protocol which forms the foundation of Old School New Body is a scientifically-proven weight-loss method.


  • The nutrition section included in the program could be more detailed.
  • Even though Old School New Body can provide instant results, for that lean, fit body you have always wanted, you will have to fully commit and be patient to enjoy the most anticipated results.
  • Exercises included in the program would be more beneficial if they come with videos and photos.

With all of this being said, we can only conclude that the Old School New Body program is an excellent weight loss program suitable for individuals over the age of forty who are looking for a great, easy to execute, and easy to commit weight loss program which delivers results.

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