The Venus Factor Review – What is Venus Factor and Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Mostly, all females want to look thin, and according to the majority of online reviews out there, the Venus Factor program authored by John Barban can help them get there. Here, we take a look at the Venus Factor program, Venus Factor diet, and recorded Venus Factor results. We also take a look at what Venus Factor is and what it includes.

The truth is that the program has caused major hype as everybody is talking about this weight-loss program which is specifically crafted to help females shed excess pounds and get into shape. John Barban, who authored the Venus Factor program, has become very famous since his program was launched back in 2015. Therefore, we wanted to examine the program by ourselves and bring you our unbiased, detailed review, so you know what to expect from the Venus Factor.

What is the Venus Factor Program?

Before examining what Venus Factor results you can expect in terms of weight loss, we take a look at what this program includes. As expected, the Venus Factor program comes packed with several different parts, and each section is equally important if you want to get the anticipated, desired weight loss results. These Venus Factor sections include:

  • Your Fat Loss Dieting Guide
  • Fat Burning Twelve-Week Workout
  • The Venus Index Podcast
  • The Venus Community
  • The Virtual Nutritionist app

As previously mentioned, the Venus Factor program is specifically crafted to help females struggling with weight. It is based on a dieting plan which can surely help with burning fat quickly when combined with an excellently targeted workout regimen which is specifically crafted to help get rid of fat on those typical areas in which female store fat including the abdominal area.

The program’s author has stated many times that the Venus Factor weight loss regime one hundred percent promotes healthy and natural weight loss without consuming any kind of weight loss powders or pills which in many cases do more harm than good.

As explained by the program’s author, the fundamental approach taken with the Venus Factor weight loss program is to control your leptin levels.

What are the Primary Roles of Leptin, and What is Leptin Resistance?

Leptin is a hormone made by enterocytes and adipose cells which is predominately found in the small intestine. Leptin helps with regulating energy balance as it inhibits hunger that, in turn, diminishes adipocytes’ fat storage. This hormone also acts on different cell receptors. While regulation of fat stores is the main role of this hormone, leptin also plays a crucial role in a number of other physiological processes.

When it comes to obesity, decreased sensitivities to the leptin hormone result in an inability to properly detect satiety despite high levels of this hormone and high energy stores.

In addition to its major role in regulating adipose tissue, leptin also affects your food energy usage, hunger, energy balance, and physical exercise. There are several secondary functions of leptin outside of the brain including modulation between maternal and fetal metabolism, energy expenditure modulation, immune cell activation, and others.

This leads us to leptin resistance which is also covered in the Venus Factor program. While many people believe that weight loss and weight gain are all about exercising, counting calories and iron willpower, modern weight gain, and loss studies disagree with this notion. Many scientists believe that leptin is also very much involved.

As expected, leptin resistance is a condition in which the body does not respond properly to the hormone and many believe that this condition alongside insulin resistance is the leading fat gain driver in humans. Individuals struggling with leptin resistance consume more foods due to the condition and they also have significantly reduced energy expenditure.

In this case, exercising less and consuming more foods is not the primary, underlying cause of excess weight struggles, but it all comes down to a possible hormonal defect related to the leptin hormone. This is where the Venus Factor program comes into the game. As explained in the program within the Venus Factor diet section, leptin resistance may be one of the primary reasons why many dieters fail to lose excess pounds in the long-run.

The Venus Factor Diet and Other Sections Included

As previously mentioned, the Venus Factor program comes packed with several different sections, and each one of them is equally important if you want to get the anticipated weight loss results. Inside its Venus Factor diet section which includes a fat loss dieting guide, you receive all of the crucial information regarding dieting choices which will help you lose weight.

In other words, you get the information about how many calories you should consume daily to create a calorie deficit, and you also get the information about foods that will keep you fit and healthy.

Diet is always one of the most important parts of weight loss especially if you are struggling with conditions such as leptin resistance or insulin resistance as these can be managed with the right dieting choices.

In the second section of the Venus Factor program or its fat-burning twelve-week workout regime, you receive loads of different weight loss exercises that you can try anytime and anywhere as they work around any schedule even the busiest one. This section also comes with video coaching sessions which are easy to understand and easy to perform.

Then, the Venus Factor program is also packed with excellent Virtual Nutritionist app software which helps you calculate the protein requirements and caloric intake for your body in a few steps. The application included is super easy to use. As soon as you purchase the program, you also get access to the Venus Index Podcast platform where individuals who use the program tell their stories as well as reveal their Venus Factor results and other important information.

How Can the Venus Factor Program Help You Shed Excess Pounds?

The main idea behind the Venus Factor program is to determine your optimal Venus Index Ratio which will help you determine your optimal BMI and other crucial weight-loss aspects. Thanks to following the Venus Factor dieting tips and exercise routines, you can get in better shape without making any overly restrictive dieting choices and without spending hours at your local gym.

This is possible as the Venus Factor program targets hormones such as leptin and other which regulate your metabolism, your satiety levels as well as your appetite.

Weight gain is oftentimes related to the estrogen hormone and others, and we rarely think about this aspect, but we only focus on what we consume. This leads us to one of the major Venus Factor program sections and that is the popular leptin diet.

The leptin diet is specifically designed to deal with the issue of leptin resistance. As mentioned in the previous sections, one of the major reasons why females gain or lose weight is because of the leptin hormone. In other words, your levels of leptin can significantly impact your weight and determine whether you will be lean or overweight.

The core idea behind the Venus Factor program is to regulate your leptin levels as this hormone regulates your metabolism as well as your appetite and a bunch of other processes related to weight gain and weight loss.

Inside the program, you learn that a female’s body reacts differently to the leptin hormone when compared to how a male’s body reacts.

The Venus Factor program’s dieting portion brings valuable tips and tricks which will help you fight leptin resistance as well as improve your weight loss results. Within the program, you also get familiar with the major leptin diet rules which suggest:

  • You should stop eating after 7 PM
  • Make sure that you do not eat three hours before going to bed
  • Stop consuming large portions
  • Consume more protein and fiber-rich foods
  • Make sure you have three meals per day
  • Make sure you have five to six hours between each meal
  • Restrict your daily intake of carbohydrates

Besides these valuable rules, the Venus Factor dieting section also emphasizes the importance of consuming the right foods, and the right foods are nutritious packed with fiber and protein. It is also suggested that you restrict your intake of refined sugar as well as drink plenty of water, and consume lots of veggies and fruit.

What to Expect from the Venus Factor Program?

After looking into a bunch of Venus Factor results posted by females who have followed the program, you can expect to significantly boost your energy levels. Once you start following the Venus Factor diet and other sections included, you can also expect to boost your fitness levels as you will be more physically active.

According to the program’s author, the Venus Factor program can also help you prevent weight loss plateau from striking. Besides, following this program also means that your weight loss progress will continue gradually.

You can also expect to boost your leptin regulation as well as boost your metabolism and finally burn fat quickly. This leads us to the Venus Factor program’s results which include reduced leptin resistance, burning fat more effectively, and much more. While results vary from one individual to another, you can definitely expect to shed extra pounds for as long as you are committed to the program.

The entire Venus Factor program comes in a form of e-book and hard copy. Along with the main book, with the program, you also get a DVD for twelve weeks of exercise series. You also get your virtual nutritionist which will address all of your concerns and questions.

Moreover, you also get an excellent app that will help you stay on the right track by keeping track of your daily calorie intake and your daily physical activity. You also get a membership for the Venus Factor community which allows you to connect with other users of the program, share your story and go through other success stories.

Pros and Cons of the Venus Factor Program


  • The Venus Factor program is super easy to follow especially when it comes to its workout sessions which come in the form of video coaching
  • The program will work for all females regardless of their fitness level, weight, body shape, or age
  • The program does not only include weight loss strategies but also dieting guides
  • which will help you fight leptin resistance
  • As soon as you get the program, you also get your virtual nutritionist as well as access to the Venus Factor community
  • There is also a sixty-day money-back guarantee which means that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with your weight loss results
  • The program also helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle which will not only help you lose weight but also feel more energized
  • Since the program comes with the easy to use, user-friendly interactive app, you can stop worrying about calorie counting
  • The Venus Factor program does not include any overly complicated workout sessions so everyone can participate
  • The workout program included does not require that you spend money on expensive workout equipment


  • Without fully committing to the program, you cannot expect to get the desired, anticipated results
  • If you are a man, this program will not work for you as it is specifically crafted for females struggling with weight loss
  • If you are not a fan of digital programs, the Venus Factor program may not be the right option for you as all extras except the book come in digital forms
  • The nutrition section of the program could be more useful if it included more detailed meal preparations

With all of this being said, we can only conclude by recommending that you check the Venus Factor program by yourself. If you are among the millions of females who are ready to make drastic changes towards the world of living a healthy lifestyle, the Venus Factor program can definitely help you get there.

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