Toned In Ten Review – How to Look Ten Years Younger?

Here, we take a deeper look into the Toned In Ten program authored by amazing Erin Nielsen. There is a bunch of Toned In Ten reviews out there, but not all of them are unbiased and detailed, so you might want to check ours. Before we delve deeper into the Toned In Ten program, it should be mentioned that there is a variety of exercises that can help you tone your body the right, healthy way.

Nonetheless, many of these exercises require that you invest plenty of your time which does not come easy for people who have busy, hectic schedules. At the same time, you have the Toned In Ten program which offers amazing results and you only need to invest ten minutes of your day which is easily accomplishable by anyone.


Everyone wants to be in shape, but not everyone is quite sure how to get there. This is where the Toned In Ten workout and fitness program comes into the game. According to the official website, the program can help everyone look ten years younger while at the same time helping them get rid of belly fat, lose excess pounds, look toner than ever, and finally feel better than ever. Since these are goals of many of us, there is no wonder why everyone is interested in the Toned In Ten program which we explore further.

What is the Toned In Ten Fitness Program?

When exercise and fitness programs come into the game claiming that they can help you completely transform your body and get into shape within ten minutes of exercising daily, many eyes will start rolling.

The main question regarding Toned In Ten is whether working out for only ten minutes per day can be effective in bringing a difference. Creator of the Toned In Ten program Erin Nielsen claims that her program is the most effective, most efficient workout system out there.

We quickly headed to the program’s official website to get informed on the program, what it includes, offers, and what kind of Toned In Ten results you can expect after following this program. According to Erin Nielsen, the program is super effective when it comes to gaining strength, toning core muscles, burning fat, transforming body, and getting that attractive bikini body that everybody wants.

After looking into the program, it becomes obvious that Toned In Ten is aimed at individuals who do not want to or who do not have enough time to spend hours daily exercising either at home or gym. The program is also aimed at individuals who do not enjoy sometimes boring cardio exercise routines. It is also mentioned that the Toned In Ten program aims towards solving the three major exercise hurdles including boredom, money, and time. As mentioned on the website:

  • You can reshape your body in as little as fifty minutes spent on exercising per week
  • You can exercise at home without any extra equipment required and no extra money spent
  • You can mix and match the ten-minute workouts to avoid boredom

The main goal of the program’s author is to debunk the common idea that exercising for hours daily is the right route to take.

In her opinion, those intense exercise bouts alongside unhealthy, poor dieting choices are what causes aging, loss of energy, and finally, unhealthy weight gain. There is no denial in the fact that intense exercise routines increase your risk of serious injury while they also put more stress onto your body which can backfire and cause unwanted results.

Just like many other popular exercise and fitness programs out there, the Toned In Ten program is a simple, at-home exercise program that can be purchased as a download e-book that you get as soon as you buy the program. Since the program is sold in a digital form, you can download it to any device. Those who prefer reading paper copies can also print the program entirely. Now, let’s see what Toned In Ten includes.

What is Included in the Toned In Ten Fitness Program?

As mentioned in many other Toned In Ten reviews published out there, the program comes packed with five major sections that you receive as soon as you purchase the program including:

  • Defy Aging and Reshape Your Body with Ten Minute at Home Body weight Workouts
  • Video Workouts
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Youthful Secrets
  • Grocery Shopping List

Besides, the author of the program also throws several amazing extras or bonuses. These bonus e-books include The Top Twenty Most Powerful Anti-Aging Foods, Tabata Workouts, Youth Enhancing Fat Loss Recipes, Anti-Aging Smoothie Recipes, Say Goodbye to Cellulite, Seventy-Two Hour Radiant Skin Detox and finally Accelerated Fat Loss One Week Meal Planner. All in all, Toned In Ten includes a total of twelve sections and close to two hundred pages of reading material which costs $97 while the program is oftentimes sold for a special sale price of $19.

As suggested, the Toned In Ten fitness program takes you through a variety of different, highly effective weight loss workouts. The program mixes different exercise rotations to spice things a bit, so you train your upper body, your lower body area as well as your abdominal muscles, and much more.

You train every day for ten minutes for five days, while Saturday and Sunday are rest days. While the workout schedule can be moved around according to your daily schedule, you are still aiming to exercise five days weekly.

While the Toned In Ten program lasts for twelve weeks, this is not strict as you can follow the program for several more weeks or even months to years. The author of the program wants her Toned In Ten fitness regimes to become your lifestyle choice so that you can enjoy long-term results in months and even years to come. Fitness and health should not be for those urgent moments, but this should become your number one priority.

Since workouts included in Toned In Ten require that you invest only ten minutes daily one exercising, the program is suitable and convenient for everyone including the most novice beginners. As mentioned in the previous section, the program is also extremely convenient as you get everything included in a PDF format that you download to your mobile phone, tablet, or your desktop computer. Either way, you have everything you need at all times.

How the Toned In Ten Program Help You Get Into Shape?

Contrarily to popular beliefs, Toned In Ten is designed for both females and males who want to get into shape.

The program is also suitable for everyone, no matter his or her age, weight, shape, fitness level, or lifestyle choices. Within the program, you also explore some of the major weight loss setbacks and challenges which may be preventing you from getting into shape such as negative body image.

Negative body image and growing fear of failure often come together preventing you from taking the very first steps. This is also one aspect of the Toned In Ten program which you get familiar with and which can eventually help you get on the right track. With the program, you also learn that our health does not start from the outside, but the inside. Consequently, judging someone by his or her outer appearance is always wrong.

One of the most common terms you hear when discussing weight loss is the Body Mass Index or BMI. While BMI calculations are often accurate, there are certain times when you cannot trust this simple calculation. This is also something covered within the Toned In Ten program. Besides this valuable information, you also gain access to a wealth of cardio, bodyweight, and Pilates workout sessions.

The program, in general, focuses on high-intensity interval training sessions or for short HIIT which targets different muscle groups, so you end up exercising your upper, lower body part as well as your abdomen.

In other words, these types of workout sessions involve short bursts of high-intensity exercises which are repeated multiple times with not much rest in between. Hence, this type of exercise has been scientifically proven to boost our Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

Put differently, the Toned In Ten program focuses on the after-burn workouts thanks to which your body continues to burn calories even after you have done with your exercise sessions. This means that Erin’s ten-minute workouts will turn your body into a fat-burning machine that remains working long after you have stopped exercising. With such effective exercises included, the program doubtlessly can help you on many different fronts including getting rid of excess fat, burning more calories, becoming more energized, and finally getting into shape.

Who is Erin Nielsen?

Customers can expect awesome Toned In Ten results if they fully commit to following the program, according to the program’s author Erin Nielsen. Erin is a fully certified physical therapist as well as a primal health coach and Pilates instructor.

She also used to work as a fitness guru for over ten years. At the time, she was customizing exercise and fitness programs for both women and men who wanted to improve their health.

Today, Erin is in her mid-forties, and she looks much younger than her actual age. She credits her youthful appearance to her good genes, but also her healthy lifestyle. She is also living proof of her Toned In Ten program which aims to help others who want to get back into shape, who want to finally make a change and embrace living a healthy lifestyle the right way. Erin is also a devoted mother, a wife, and a passionate friend to everyone who knows her.

Pros and Cons of the Toned In Ten Fitness Program

All things considered, Toned In Ten comes with a bunch of benefits including:

  • The price of the program is rather affordable while the program’s e-book format makes it more convenient for everyday use
  • Those who decide to fully commit to the program will surely see the very first Toned In Ten results in less than one month
  • The healthy living concept shared in Toned In Ten will make you look younger and feel healthier while in the long-run it helps to feel more energized as well
  • The program’s video coaching sessions and exercise routines are super simple; they do not require any special equipment so everyone can engage
  • Exercise routines included in Toned In Ten do not require more than ten minutes invested per day which is perfect for individuals with a busy schedule
  • The entire workout plan is super easy to follow by everyone, and it is designed for both men and women regardless of their age, shape, or weight
  • All exercises included are easily modified so you can avoid boredom by mixing things a bit according to your preferences
  • Besides loads of exercise routines, Toned In Ten also comes with a bunch of other valuable material including the nutrition program, meal plan guides, grocery lists, and much more

Then, several downsides:

  • The nutrition guide included does not offer specific suggestions for dietary preferences and dietary limitations
  • Since the program is rather new, there are no many photo transformations out there
  • Since the program is crafted to combine both nutrition guide and workout program for best Toned In Ten results, those who focus on just one of these two may not enjoy anticipated results
  • Since everything included in the program is downloadable, those who prefer reading on paper will be a bit disappointed even though there is the option to print the program

All things considered, the Toned In Ten program is worth checking out. Based on many Toned In Ten reviews out there left by customers, the majority of them are extremely satisfied with their progress and results. If exercising for only ten minutes daily and enjoying awesome results sounds good to you, Toned In Ten may be the right fitness program for you.

Click here to learn more about the Toned In Ten program.


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