Truth About Cellulite Review – Is This the Best Natural Cellulite Removal Treatment?

Many individuals regardless of their age and shape are at war with cellulite. While struggling with cellulite is completely normal and natural, there is a variety of cellulite reduction treatments and cellulite removal ways and some of them work better than the others. Here, we take a deeper look at the Truth About Cellulite program by Joey Atlas.

We check what the program includes, how much it cost and the most important thing, does it work. As listed on the Truth About Cellulite official website, the program focuses on the widespread problem of struggling with cellulite and it claims it can help you get rid of cellulite and even prevent cellulite. It also promises to provide secrets to a great lower body that everyone can achieve. So, let’s dive in and see whether the Truth About Cellulite is worth the hype or not. Let’s start with the main thing here, and that is, of course, stubborn cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

Since the Truth About Cellulite program focuses on cellulite reduction and cellulite removal, it also covers some of the cellulite basics. According to Joey Atlas, who authored the program, one of the biggest issues of struggling with cellulite is lacking the knowledge. According to Joey, everyone wants to fight cellulite, but just a few truly understand what cellulite is and why it occurs.

Cellulite occurs as the direct result of subcutaneous fat which is located deep beneath the skin, below the skin’s layer epidermis, within the skin’s dermis. The dermis layer is packed with connective tissue which forms a honeycomb-like network. With fat cells increasing in their size, the skin’s connective tissue within the dermis becomes weakened which allows subcutaneous fat to form. This gives your skin that unappealing dimpled appearance and consequently cellulite.

There are several different factors which affect the formation of cellulite and these include your body’s distribution of fat that is governed by your genetics, amount of body fat you have, your skin’s thickness as well as the strength of your skin’s connective tissue.

Then, you can also thank your hormones for giving your cellulite. According to one latest study conducted on the matter, nearly eighty-percent of females over the age of twenty have cellulite, while only around ten percent of males have it.

The main reason behind this is that males usually have thicker skin layers which make it harder for cellulite to form. Cellulite also tends to form in females who are not physically active as much as they should be. In fact, at around age twenty-five, females who do not exercise regularly tend to lose around five pounds of muscle in ten years and gain around fifteen pounds of fat in the same period.

When we throw another fact into this equation and that is that collagen stores tend to decrease by about one percent yearly, cellulite becomes more prominent with age in females who naturally have higher body fat percentages than males. Even though the information is readily available, many people struggling with cellulite live in the dark. This is where the Truth About Cellulite comes into the game with all important information clearly displayed. Once you get the program you learn:

  • The best way to get rid of cellulite naturally without expensive cellulite removal creams which most of the time do nothing
  • That cellulite is always located deep under the outermost layer of the skin and this is why it is hard to get rid of cellulite
  • When it comes to struggling with cellulite, your size does not matter as females of all weights and body types can struggle while females with the more fat are more likely to develop significant skin dimpling
  • Changing your dieting habits can help you with cellulite removal, but only to some degree while other measures are necessary to get rid of cellulite permanently
  • Cellulite tends to run in families as your genetics is one of the major factors determining your body fat distribution
  • Hormones play one of the most important roles in the formation of cellulite and many experts believe that estrogen is the main hormone involved
  • Cellulite treatments range from expensive creams and products to surgical procedures which are never cheap and rarely give permanent results

What is the Truth About Cellulite Program?

As soon as you get the program, you learn all of these facts about the formation of cellulite, causes of cellulite and finally, you learn how to get rid of cellulite naturally.

The program created by Joey Atlas is the eBook packed with several super-detailed guides on cellulite removal and cellulite treatment techniques and strategies which teach you how to eliminate this rather widespread issue.

With the program, you also get information on some of the most common cellulite-related misconceptions that many people still believe even though no one of them was ever scientifically proven. For instance, the Truth About Cellulite program stresses that the skin’s tissue which is commonly considered as fat is muscle fiber tissue. Later on, it teaches you how to use this synergistic muscle fiber to get rid of cellulite for good through simple, easy-to-follow exercise routines.

According to the official website, the Truth About Cellulite program is the best, all-natural solution to getting rid of cellulite for females of all ages, weights, and body types. The program’s author also states that his program is a safe, dependable product that recognizes the struggle and promises a great cellulite removal system that can easily help you cut down your body fat in a healthy, one hundred percent safe way.

Who is Joey Atlas?

Joey Atlas who crafted the Truth About Cellulite program is one of the most famous people in the fitness and healthy living lifestyle community. He did his MS Exercise Physiology Degree at Long Island University while he also has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science that he earned from New York State University. After looking into Joey Atlas, it becomes obvious that he is a true fitness expert with over fifteen years of experience as both a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle consultant.

For years, he has been focused on devising his fitness routine alongside different coaching techniques which are carefully crafted to focus on the female’s body. Over the years, Joey Atlas developed several programs which use combos of muscle movement actions alongside other exercise routines to help with cellulite removal and cellulite prevention.

His biggest achievements are his Truth About Cellulite and Cellulite Gone programs for that he received loads of highly positive reviews from a myriad of users of the programs who are extremely satisfied with their results. All in all, Joey uses rather unique methods which are perfectly depicted in its Truth About Cellulite program. What is even more, Joey understands the struggle related to negative body image as he has been there. In fact, he utilized his own negative experiences to motivate and finally help others get over negative body image for good.

What Do You Get with the Truth About Cellulite Program?

The program is all about helping you get rid of cellulite and helping you achieve your desired body. As stated on the program’s official website, with the program, you can expect to see the results in seven or ten days. According to the creator, in just several days of using the program, you will notice the dimples and bumps on your skin getting noticeably smaller while your skin becomes firmer and smoother. You can also expect your cellulite on thighs becoming less visible.

The Truth About Cellulite program is crafted to help you lessen and even completely get rid of cellulite on your lower body area including your thighs, legs, and buttocks. The program introduces a super-easy-to-follow, yet very advanced, superior cellulite removal routine that everyone can follow regardless of their fitness levels. The program also guarantees healthy weight loss as well as the removal of fat without rigorous exercises.

The Truth About Cellulite program provides a remarkable alternative to extremely costly cellulite treatments. Since with the program, you get rid of cellulite naturally, you can finally forget about using expensive creams or taking medications which most time bring more damage than good. What is even more, the program does not promote any kind of starvation or some radical dieting changes, but it focuses on what everyone can perform no matter their body size, fitness levels, and daily schedules. There are several major principles that the program emphasizes including:

  • You need to familiarize yourself with cellulite causes
  • You need to understand what is cellulite and why it develops
  • You need to understand what makes your cellulite struggles worse

These are all explained in the Truth About Cellulite program’s video presentation that you can watch for free on the official website. As Joey explains these principles in detail, he also touches on muscle atrophy as well as incorrect exercises as one of the major cellulite causes that we rarely think about. If you do not know, muscle atrophy is when your muscle mass is weak.

Then, the video presentation included also covers other topics such as how weak muscle fibers cause cellulite by allowing fat cells to enter the skin’s dermis layer. Once you familiarize yourself with these concepts, the Truth About Cellulite program introduces the Symulast Method also known as the Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation that Joey explains in great detail.

How Can the Symulast Methods Help You Get Rid of Cellulite?

The Symulast Method which is included in the Truth About Cellulite and Cellulite Gone programs is one of the main features which introduces you to the best way to get rid of cellulite naturally. According to Joey, this will become your secret way of getting that attractive bikini body you have always wanted. In this section of the program, you also get video presentations that outline what this method does.

As you go through the videos included, you understand that the Symulast Method is a workout routine that puts the biggest emphasis on your muscles affected by muscle atrophy. The exercises which are included in this part of the program target your lower body areas, but also includes a variety of exercise sessions for your arms and your abdomen. Moreover, the Symulast Method activates all of those ninety muscles that our lower body area includes.

What is even more important is that all of the exercises included are home-based which means they do not require any expensive exercise equipment and you can perform all of them from the coziness of your home. Joey advises his clients to perform these exercises three times weekly. The overall Truth About Cellulite program is promoted as a twenty-eight-day cellulite removal method that focuses on strengthening your lower body muscles especially muscles in the buttocks and thighs. As soon as you purchase the program for only $49.95, you also get:

  • Access to all of the videos included on the website
  • Video presentations of every cellulite removal exercise with super detailed instructions
  • The Naked Beauty Symulast Method digital book
  • Your schedule showing when and how you should exercise
  • The Anti Cellulite Cardio summary which introduces some of the most powerful and effective cellulite removal cardio exercises
  • Your Gone For Good schedule which helps you refine your dieting habits to get rid of cellulite for good
  • A subscription to the program’s newsletter which comes packed with motivational advice, information and much more

Pros and Cons of the Truth About Cellulite

Some of the major benefits of the program are:

  • All of the natural cellulite treatment methods are scientifically proven to work
  • The promotional videos included feature step-by-step instructions on every exercise routine so you know exactly how to perform them
  • The digital book you get covers a myriad of cellulite removal exercises which suit all body types, weights, and multiple fitness levels
  • The price of the Truth About Cellulite is extremely affordable especially when you consider everything that you get
  • Super effective exercises which do not only help you get rid of cellulite but also help you lose weight in your lower body areas
  • Customers who are not satisfied with their results can ask for their money back

Then, there is a couple of downsides:

  • The program does not include many dieting discussions which may be a downside
  • The Symulast Method included in the program is not backed up by science unlike other exercises included
  • The entire program comes in a digital form, so you cannot access the program unless you use your mobile or desktop device

All things considered, the Truth About Cellulite program is worth checking if you are looking for cellulite reduction ways that truly work in the long-run. With the program, you can forget about expensive cellulite treatments, cellulite prevention creams, and other costly products, and focus on what truly gives the best results.

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