Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make – Avoid Making These Mistakes to Lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight is never an easy task to do. It requires lots of commitment, sometimes even iron willpower. One of the best ways to boost your weight loss progress is healthy eating which in addition to helping you lose weight, can also prevent as well as control certain health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes among other damaging health conditions.

While there are many ways to lose weight naturally, there are also many weight loss mistakes beginners make which can interfere with your weight loss progress. Here, we take a look at the most common weight loss mistakes to avoid if you want to lose weight fast, naturally and healthy. If you have found yourself struggling to lose weight, you are probably making some of these weight loss mistakes.

  • The biggest focus on your scale weight

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One of the biggest weight loss mistakes to avoid is only focusing on what your scale weight. Many people believe that they are not losing excess pounds fast enough after looking at their scale weight even though they are fully committed to healthy nutrition and staying physically active.

However, you should keep in mind that the number you see on your scale is just one measure of your weight progress or weight change as your weight is affected by many different factors such as fluid fluctuations, how many foods you have consumed that day, and much more. Also, keep in mind that your weight in one single day can fluctuate up to four pounds or almost two kilos depending on how much liquid and foods you have consumed.

Then, there are other factors such as hormonal changes and increased estrogen levels in females, which doubtlessly lead to significantly higher water retention that affects scale weight. The bottom line is that if you see your scale weight number not moving, you may still be losing fat mass, but your body holds too much water. Focusing solely on what your scale shows is a common weight loss mistake to avoid.

  • Consuming too few or too many calories

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Another extremely common weight loss mistake beginners make is consuming too few or too many calories daily. As you know, for weight loss you need to be in a calorie deficit, which means you need to get rid more calories than you consume. It also should be noted that calorie deficit tends to vary from one person to another.

You may believe that you are not consuming too many calories, but the truth is that many of us have a tendency to underreport or underestimate what we consume. You may be consuming plenty of healthy foods that are packed with calories such as cheese and nuts. You may consume bigger portions. On the other hand, consuming too few calories can also be very counterproductive especially if you consume less than 1,000 calories daily which does not only interfere with your weight loss but also slows down your metabolism and you end up struggling.

The bottom line is consuming too many or too little calories is one of the most common weight loss mistakes you want to avoid. You need to provide your body nutrients it requires while you watch your portion size. This way, you can lose weight fast in a healthy, natural way. This leads us to the yoyo effect, weight cycling, or yoyo dieting. The yoyo effect meaning is when individuals rapidly gain pounds after following a diet, especially extremely restrictive dieting plans and this is one of many weight loss mistakes.

  • Not exercising at all or exercising too much

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Not being physically active or not exercising at all is also another common weight loss mistake to avoid. Similarly, if you exercise too much, you may also interfere with your weight loss progress. During your weight loss progress, you lose some of your muscle mass alongside losing fat. If you are not physically active while restricting your daily calorie intake, you will lose more of your muscle mass as well as slow down your metabolism.

On the other hand, when you focus on being physically active and exercising, you minimize the amount of your muscle mass that you lose when losing weight. At the same time, you boost your fat burning and consequently prevent your metabolic rate from slowing down. However, among many different weight loss mistakes beginner make, one of the most prominent is over-exercising which to the surprise of many brings issues.

The truth is that excessive exercising cannot be sustainable in the long-run for most of us. Besides, excessive exercising may interfere with your production of hormones, mainly those hormones which regulate your stress levels, so you end up overly stressed. Instead of taking this approach, the best idea is to do some cardio exercises or lifting weights several times weekly if you want to enjoy a steady, healthy weight loss progress.

  • Not performing resistance training

Another very common weight loss mistake to avoid is not lifting weight or not performing resistance training alongside some cardio. The truth is that resistance training is extremely important when losing weight.

Many studies conducted on the matter suggest that lifting weights is among the most effective strategies for significantly increased metabolic rate and for gaining muscle. Moreover, performing resistance training can also help you improve your body composition as well as boost your abdominal fat loss.

  • Consuming only on low-fat foods

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Choosing only diet, low-fat foods is another common weight loss mistake to avoid if you want to lose weight fast and avoid falling prey to yoyo dieting. Keep in mind that processes diet, low-fat foods are commonly considered as excellent choices for losing weight, but the truth is that they may have the opposite effect.

In reality, many of these food products labeled as low-fat or diet are packed with sugars which improve their taste. Hence, instead of keeping you full for some time, these food products make you even hungrier, so you consume more calories. The best choice here is to choose nutritious foods that are minimally processed.

  • Thinking that exercise supercharges your metabolism

Another common weight loss mistake beginners make is overestimating how many calories they burn during their exercise routines. Many people also believe that being physically active supercharges their metabolic rate and makes them lose weight fast.

While exercising regularly can boost your metabolic rate, it is generally less then we tend to believe. What is even more, many people both overweight and normal overestimated the number of burned calories during exercise frequently by a rather significant amount. This being said, exercising and being physically active is extremely important for your health and it can help your weight, but at the same time, it is not as effective as we want to believe.

  • Not consuming enough protein

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Another weight loss mistake to avoid is not consuming enough protein. Needless to say, eating enough protein is crucial if you are focusing on weight loss. The truth is that protein can help you in many ways by reducing your appetite, increasing your fullness feelings as well as decreasing your daily calorie intake, boosting your metabolic rate as well as protecting your muscles and much more.

Moreover, dieting plans which are packed with protein may also benefit your body composition and your appetite control. The bottom line is that high-protein foods help with weight loss, and it’s a big weight loss mistake not to include them in your diet.

  • Not consuming enough fiber

The previous common weight loss mistake beginners make is closely related to not consuming enough fiber. Studies conducted on the topic show that low-fiber dieting plans are extremely compromising to weight loss progress.

The same studies also suggest that all types of fiber can benefit your weight loss when your dieting plan is rich in fiber; you enjoy significantly reduced appetite. Hence, you end up consuming fewer calories. The equation is simple, consuming fewer calories means losing weight, and this is where high-fiber foods help, so make sure you avoid this weight loss mistake.

  • Eating too often and not tracking what you eat

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There are two weight loss mistakes to avoid including eating too often and not tracking what you consume daily. For many years, professionals in this field suggested that we should eat every several hours to prevent hunger striking. Unfortunately, this is another weight loss mistake beginners make simply because taking this route means consuming more calories than you should.

Instead, you should eat only when you are hungry. This leads us to another weight loss mistake and that is not tracking what you consume daily. While eating nutritious foods is the primary key leading to weight loss, without tracking what you eat, you may consume more calories than you think.

What is even more, without tracking what you consume, you may end up not getting the necessary amount of fiber, fat, and carbs. Hence the best way is to track everything you consume daily so you get an accurate picture of your nutrient and calorie consumption. To help you, you can use online apps and tracking sites such as MyFitnessPal and similar.

  • Not reading foods label information

When discussing the most common weight loss mistakes beginners make, we have to mention one of the biggest related to dieting and that is not reading food label information. This one is self-explanatory. When you do not read the label information on foods you get, you generally end up consuming unhealthy ingredients and unwanted calories. This is also related to many foods being labeled as healthy while in reality they are packed with unhealthy ingredients that do nothing good to your health.

In order to avoid making this mistake, you want to read label information always. As you do so, make sure you check nutritional facts as well as ingredients included. There are many other weight loss mistakes to avoid including not consuming enough single-ingredient, whole foods, consuming too much sugary drinks, weighing yourself too often, ignoring strength training, skipping meals, or following an overly restrictive dieting plan, but it all comes down to the biggest mistake of them all, not listening to your body.

To avoid falling prey to yoyo dieting, to avoid making weight loss mistakes beginners make, you should listen to your body. As you do so, make sure you do not have unrealistic expectations, but instead adjust your expectations to more modest, realistic goals, stay motivated, keep going, and positive changes will happen.

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