Weight Loss Workout Plan for Beginners – Kickstart Your Weight Loss

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So, you are finally ready to take the plunge, shed excess pounds, and get into shape, but you do not know how to start. If this is the case, our weight loss workout plan crafted for beginners will doubtlessly get you going in the right direction, keep you motivated and help you stay healthy and stay fit once you have reached your fitness goals.

Before we get there, keep in mind that there are many different ways to lose weight, but not many of these are actually beneficial to your body in the long-run. Not many of these provide anticipated results, and this is why it is extremely important to choose a weight loss workout plan which fits your current fitness level and your preference. Losing weight is never an easy task to do, but it definitely gets easier when you have a weight loss workout plan to follow by your side.

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Given the overwhelming scientific evidence, being physically active and exercising regularly is the best route to take to maintain optimal health state and, of course, get into shape.

Some of the major health benefits of regular physical activity include a significantly increased blood flow which decreases your risk of developing a heart condition.

Being physically active on a regular basis also helps with managing insulin and blood sugar levels, helps you maintain optimal weight, improves your mood and mental health state as well as sharpens your judgment, learning, and thinking skills. Naturally, being physically active also strengthens your muscles and bones, improves your sleep pattern, and even more. So, I am glad you are here ready to jump on the fitness bandwagon. Let’s get started.

Weight Loss Workout Plan – Week One

Our weight loss workout plan is a carefully crafted fitness and exercise plan that is suitable for beginners. When you are a beginner, the best option is to start lighter in order to avoid injuring yourself. No matter you are trying to tone your body, tighten your muscles or slim down, the following exercise routines will help you get into shape. You can take what you like from our weight loss workout plan, modify it, and create your plan, that will work the best for you and keep you motivated.

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Either way, when you have your exercise sessions planned ahead, you are more likely to complete them, and you are more likely to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

Health professionals and fitness experts recommend that you get one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty minutes weekly of moderate-intensity workout in order to shed excess pounds. This is not a lot when you break it down to twenty to thirty minutes invested daily.

Since you are a beginner, make sure you start the following weight loss workout plan at the end of the aforementioned recommendation. Make sure that you choose exercise activities which you can perform easily.

One of the best exercise options for beginners is walking, simply because it does not require any equipment and you can do it anywhere, any time. So, our weight loss workout plan for week one starts with moderate intensity or brisk walk for thirty minutes on Mondays.

  • Mondays: thirty minutes of moderate-intensity or brisk walk
  • Tuesdays: twenty jumping jacks, ten pushups, and twenty squats
  • Wednesdays: thirty minutes of moderate-intensity walk or simple strength training at home incorporating ten sit-ups, twenty lunges, and ten burpees
  • Thursdays: strength training including twenty-five jumping jacks, thirteen pushups, and twenty-five squats
  • Fridays: thirty minutes of moderate-intensity walk
  • Saturdays: some fun activity such as cycling, swimming or maybe some cross-training
  • Sundays: rest your body

Weight Loss Workout Plan – Week Two

Your weight loss workout plan for the first week should incorporate around one hundred and eighty minutes of exercise including some cardio like walking and some strength training. As you get more fit and stronger, you will add several more minutes to your daily exercise routines.

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It is important that you add only a few minutes in order to avoid burnout. Your weight loss workout plan week two should incorporate around twenty-five minutes of daily exercise to lose weight the right way.

Your weight loss workout plan should get more challenging and harder as you progress, and as you get stronger and more fit.

Hence, our weight loss workout plan week two includes more strength training so that you build muscle and there is also some cardio and flexibility exercise to burn fat and reduce stress. For your weight loss workout plan week two, you should aim to get around two hundred and sixty minutes of exercise. If this is a lot, aim to get at least two hundred minutes and gradually add a few more minutes.

  • Mondays: forty-five minutes of simple weight training or thirteen pushups, twenty-five jumping jacks and twenty-five squats
  • Tuesdays: HIIT exercise or thirteen sit-ups, thirty lunges and thirteen burpees or thirty minutes of cardio
  • Wednesdays: thirty jumping jacks, seventeen push-ups, and thirty squats or upper body workout
  • Thursdays: forty-five minutes of workout with weights or thirty minutes of cardio
  • Fridays: high-intensity run or walk sessions or complete body workout
  • Saturdays: thirty minutes of cardio such as walk and hike
  • Sundays: your recovery day, stretch and relax

Weight Loss Workout Plan – Week Three

It is extremely important that you combine your weight loss workout plan with a healthy, nutritious dieting plan loaded with veggies, fruits, protein, and healthy fats. Keep in mind that no exercise and workout program can do all the work without a healthy dieting regimen. You also need to focus on creating the right weight loss energy balance which means you burn more calories than your daily consumption.

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For your week three of this weight loss workout program, you continue in a similar manner with some cardio exercise combined with full-body workouts and you can also incorporate some strength and resistance training if you like.

If you make some modifications to our weight loss workout plan, make sure you always have one recovery day to allow your body to rest properly.

  • Mondays: twenty minutes of cardio such as a walk or thirty-five jumping jacks, thirty-five squats and twenty pushups
  • Tuesdays: thirty to forty minutes of cardio or twenty-three sit-ups, forty lunges, twenty burpees
  • Wednesdays: forty jumping jacks, twenty-three pushups, and forty squats or some other upper body exercise
  • Thursdays: fully body workout with twenty-three sit-ups, forty-five lunges, and twenty-three burpees
  • Fridays: forty jumping jacks, twenty-three pushups, forty squats or thirty to forty minutes of cardio
  • Saturdays: twenty-seven sit-ups, fifty lunges, and twenty-three burpees or some cardio
  • Sundays: stretch and rest

Weight Loss Workout Plan – Week Four

After three weeks of following out weight loss workout plan for beginners, you should see some results. All exercisers want to know when they can expect to see weight loss results after following such weight loss plans, and it all comes down to the intensity of your workout plan. If you work out daily at least thirty minutes, by the third week, you should start to see improvements in the way you feel and in the way your body looks. This leads us to our weight loss workout plan week four which also incorporates cardio, and strength training.

  • Mondays: core workout or twenty minutes of cardio
  • Tuesdays: forty to forty-five minutes of cardio or forty-five squats, twenty-six push-ups, and forty-five jumping jacks
  • Wednesday: upper body workout alongside jumping jacks, push-ups and squats
  • Thursdays: thirty sit-ups, fifty-five lunges, and twenty-seven burpees or forty to forty-five minutes of cardio
  • Fridays: fifty jumping jacks, thirty push-ups, and fifty squats or another total body workout
  • Saturdays: thirty sit-ups, sixty lunges, and thirty burpees or twenty minutes of HIIT
  • Sunday: your rest day

Lastly, to make your weight loss workout plan as effective as possible, combine strength, cardio, and resistance training with a healthy diet, which will provide your body with the necessary nutrients. Make sure you never overeat after working out, and of course, make sure you create a calorie deficit to stay on the right track and enjoy anticipated weight loss results.

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