What is Fitness? – How to Start Your Body Transformation?

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, physical fitness is the ability to perform daily tasks with alertness and vigor without struggling with fatigue. Physical fitness is also the ability to handle daily tasks with ample energy. According to this definition by the CDC, physical fitness is everything you do daily that requires some energy invested, such as getting out of your bed in the morning, walking, dancing, or hiking.

To complete these tasks and other tasks which require some energy invested, we have to consistently address our fitness levels, which involves conditioning through leisurely activities as well as structured exercise. Naturally, there are several different fitness components that depend on the source, and these are explained below.

Fitness Components and Why There are Important

Physical fitness is a contextual term that includes many different definitions which even different, have one thing in common, and that is, that fitness is a state of well-being and health in addition to the ability to perform sports, daily activities, and other occupations. Fitness is achieved through proper nutrition, some kind of moderate physical activity, and equally important sufficient rest.

Back to the main component of fitness, these include:

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  • Cardiorespiratory endurance which measures how fast or long an individual can perform certain activities and how this activity impacts his or her oxygen consumption and heart rate
  • Muscular endurance measures by how many repetitions of a workout session or exercise an individual can perform, while the most common tests include sit-ups and push-ups.
  • Muscular strength measures how much force an individual’s muscles can generate performing a given exercise or activity
  • Flexibility measured by how far a joint can be moved or muscle group can be stretched while the most common tests include testing the shoulders and involve the hamstrings.
  • Balance is another essential component of fitness, which measures by how long a particular position can be held while performing a given activity such as standing on one leg.
  • Speed measures by how quickly a person can move from point A to point B and tests most commonly use the forty-yard dash to assess an individual’s speed.
  • Body composition measures the amount of fat on someone’s body versus skin, bones, and muscle.

All in all, fitness is always an act of living healthy, taking care of yourself, taking care of your body inside and out. Leading a healthy lifestyle involves a variety of activities that are always beneficial to your overall well-being and your health. Fitness means consuming healthy foods, playing some sports, or exercising on a regular basis. Speaking of exercising, you can find some of the best chest and back workout sessions, as well as workouts to lose belly fat and others, so keep reading.

Best Back Workouts to Try

Many individuals overly focus on their chest muscles, that they forget that there are extremely valuable gains of exercising back as well. Speaking of the best back workouts you can try, we have to mention band bent over the row, which can serve as an excellent warm-up to your main workout. Another great exercise to try to strengthen your back is renegade row, which you can modify to train different muscles. The best back workouts to try are definitely dumbbell single arm row, chest supported dumbbell row, inverted row, and bent over dumbbell alternating row.

Best Chest Workouts to Try for a Complete Body Transformation

Chest and back workout sessions always go hand in hand, so we have to mention several chest workouts you should consider trying. We have to start with dumbbell squeeze press, which can do magic on your chest muscles. Another great chest exercise is inclined barbell bench press, which can make your pecs pop. For strengthening your chest area, also make sure you try incline dumbbell bench press, close grip barbell bench press, decline press-up, and cable fly.

Try Some of the Best Arm Workouts

You cannot focus on chest and back workouts without trying some of the best arm workouts. If you are just starting, you can once again focus on barbell bench press three sets around four to six reps. Another great option for strengthening your arms is cable rope overhead triceps extension in two sets up to twelve reps. Without a fitness trainer, you can also try triceps pushdowns in two sets up to fifteen reps, barbell curl in three sets up to six reps or dumbbell alternate bicep curl in two sets up to twelve reps.

Awesome Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

For fitness women, getting rid of belly fat is usually one of the most important exercise routines as getting rid of that stubborn belly fat means looking good and feeling great. If you want to start burning belly fat today, consider doing burpees, which is a super explosive exercise that activates many muscles you need to activate to get rid of belly fat. Other great exercises for burning belly fat include mountain climber, kettlebell swing, medicine ball slam, dumbbell overhead lunge, and sprawls.

Why You Should Start Working Out Today?

Whether your ultimate goal is a complete body transformation, getting rid of cellulite, burning belly fat, or something else, you should start working out today without an excuse. If you focus on your fitness level today, if you embrace a workout program today, your body will most certainly thank you later. Even though if you may feel sore and achy immediately after your exercise routine, by strengthening your body this way, you will keep it in shape, feel great, and finally fight off illness.

Being physically active and improving your physical fitness no matter you being a man or woman brings loads of other health benefits such as significantly improved sleep, significantly lowered stress levels, improved relationships, improved self-esteem, and much much more. So, either hit the gym or start exercising at home today, and both your body and mind will thank you later.


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