Yoga Booty Challenge Review – Does This Program Helps You Shape and Tone Your Booty?

You have always dreamed of having a booty worthy of your favorite bodycon dresses and leggings. You have tried many different fitness programs that focus on body-shaping exercises without any anticipated results. If this is you, the Yoga Booty Challenge may be your solution.

In its essence, Yoga Booty Challenge crafted by Zoe Bray-Cotton who also authored the Yoga Burn program is a twelve-week program based on Dynamic Sequencing Yoga. As suggested by the program’s name, Yoga Booty Challenge, or simply Yoga Booty promises to help you shape your booty, tone your body, strengthen your muscles, shed some excess pounds, and finally feel great about yourself.

The Yoga Booty Challenge program is suitable for all fitness levels, it includes both digital and physical copies of exercises and workout sessions, and you get all sections included for a great price of only $37.00. If this sounds promising to you, keep reading to find more about Yoga Booty Challenge and there is a wealth of information included in the program.

What Is Yoga Booty Challenge?

Today, many of us struggle to stay in shape. For some of us, struggling with excess weight is attributed to poor dieting choices, while for other excess weight relates to being physically inactive and not exercising enough.

Then, there are also other prominent factors which such as lack of time. For this and other reasons, many women of all ages turn to weight loss supplements to lose weight which in many cases do more harm than good.

This is where the Yoga Booty Challenge weight loss and body-shaping program authored by Zoe Bray-Cotton comes into the game. Amazing Zoe has created her fully natural weight loss and body transformation Yoga Booty Challenge program to help all struggling females who have always dreamed of having a tight, well-shaped body.

As mentioned at the beginning, Yoga Booty Challenge is a twelve-week program that takes inspiration from unique sequencing Yoga practices and techniques which when incorporated into your daily routine can help you shed excess pounds. And finally, regain your booty back without spending hours exercising at your local gym.

The Yoga Booty Challenge program features several different uniquely-crafted programs that you undertake any time and any place whenever you like as everything comes in a digital form. If you are more of a traditional bookworm, there is also a paper edition of the program. All in all, with Yoga Booty, you take on many different exercises and workout sessions which help you work on different parts of your body besides your booty.

Once you have completed the program, if you have been fully dedicated you can expect to have gotten leaner and slimmer. Another major benefit of the Yoga Booty Challenge program is that you get to watch amazing Zoe as she performs the same workout sessions and the same exercises through video coaching sessions. In other words, you have everything you need to stay on the right track and have your body naturally toned down.

What Is Included in Yoga Booty Challenge?

Zoe Bray-Cotton who authored the Yoga Booty Challenge program as well as equally impressive Yoga Burn, is a personal trainer internationally certified. Zoe is also a yoga instructor which means she is highly professional in what she does and that is helping struggling females to shed excess pounds, get into shape, and tone their bodies.

Her Yoga Burn program is also something we highly recommend you check out if your primary goal is to lose weight before you start working on our booty. Either way, we here focus on Yoga Booty which is also called P.A.P. This stands for three phases of the program you go through including the first phase or Prime, the second phase of Activate, and finally the third phase of Pump.

Suitable for females of all fitness levels from newbies to highly physically active individuals, Yoga Booty Challenge features fifteen-minute workout sessions you perform daily. Every section included in Yoga Booty is video coached by Zoe, so you follow her as she goes through different yoga movies. This leads us to those three different stages of the Yoga Booty Challenge program.

  • Prime Phase Foundation Flow

This is the very first phase of the Yoga Booty Challenge program which as suggested by its name, is a foundation phase that introduces you to the program. The Yoga Booty Challenge program under this stage aims to give you proper energy and flexibility so that you can engage in more complex exercises later on in the program.

As you go through this stage, you work on getting rid of excess fats while at the same time your work on your problem areas in the first place. Throughout this stage of the program, you also work on waking up and finally triggering your glute muscles which tend to remain dormant when sitting for an extended time. Being physically inactive also causes your hip flexors to remain stiff and you end up with a flat bum.

For this reason, the first stage teaches you how to activate those major muscles. You must warm up the right way in order to avoid any kind of injury. Naturally, the first stage of the program, once completed the right way, has prepared you for the following stage that combines an excellent collection of exercises perfect for everyone of all fitness levels.

  • Activate Phase Transitional

This is the second stage of the Yoga Booty Challenge program under which you learn new workout sessions and poses as well as work on toning your muscles. Throughout this stage, you can expect to achieve better results as you work harder. This stage is also packed with valuable mood-boosting practices that will provide you more motivation to remain loyal to the program to achieve desired results.

Throughout this stage of Yoga Booty Challenge, you also combine different exercise routines with booty-focused routines which essentially work all three booty muscles without overly stressing your body. With the program’s series of yoga movements and other practices, you will also tone, lift, tighten, and strengthen your booty while toning your entire body.

  • Pump Phase Mastery

The Pump Phase Mastery is the third and last stage of the program. Once you have completed the second stage, you move onto this one which will allow for the second stage’s results to manifest better. The third Yoga Booty Challenge phase is also packed with unique teachings that explain how you can naturally boost your mood, energy, and overall health state both during and after Yoga Booty Challenge workout sessions.

Throughout this Yoga Booty Challenge phase, you learn other powerful movements that will help you tone and tighten your booty even further while you also boost your blood flow and your metabolism. The vast majority of yoga movements you practice throughout this stage of the program feature shorter, explosive movement bursts which eventually help you burn fat even long after you have completed your workout sessions.

Pros and Cons of Yoga Booty Challenge


  • The Yoga Booty Challenge program is available in both physical and digital formats
  • Once you purchase the program, you get to start following it instantly as all sections are downloadable
  • The program is priced at only $37 which is rather affordable especially when compared to other similar programs
  • There is also a 100% money-back guarantee that remains active for sixty days of purchasing the program which means a full refund is possible if you are not satisfied with the program, which is highly unlikely
  • All of the exercise and workout sessions featured in Yoga Booty Challenge are rather simple, easy to execute and straightforward perfect for everyone regardless of her fitness level
  • Since exercises and workout sessions featured in the program take only fifteen minutes of your time daily, they easily fit into everyone’s schedule even the busiest one
  • The author of the program is a highly professional and experienced personal trainer who has released a number of workout programs including her Yoga Burn
  • Yoga Booty Challenge takes inspiration from one hundred percent natural weight loss regimens
  • Besides toning your body, Yoga Booty Challenge may help you shed excess pounds, improve your blood flow, strengthen your muscles and much more when you fully commit
  • Yoga Booty Challenge is rather flexible as it does not require a fixed workout routine, and there is room for your own modifications based on your preferences and your daily schedule


  • Results from Yoga Booty Challenge naturally vary from one person to another, which means you may need more than twelve weeks to reach your desired goals
  • As every other program of this kind, the results you get depend on a variety of factors besides your commitment including your body type, your metabolism, dieting habits, and genetics so make sure you have realistic expectations
  • The program requires you being consistent, so remain patient, disciplined and put in the effort or you will not experience anticipated results

The bottom line is that Zoe’s Yoga Booty Challenge is the powerful blend of everything you need to tone your body, strengthen your muscles, and finally get that dreamy bum you have always wanted. For a booty to die for, you will have to dedicate to the program for those twelve weeks or more, but the route is definitely worth taking considering what you get, long-lasting results.

Click here to learn about the Yoga Booty Challenge program.

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